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Project Description
I've implemented CSLA framework three years ago in my Enterprise Solution and soon after I found its power: flexible and easy to maintain and support.
In days when LINQ(especially DLINQ and EntityFramework) is at the cutting age I did not want to leave Lhotka's great work but while reading many articles of how to cooporate two of those the answers was "Yes with DLINQ you can do so and so and so ... but you can not ...." or more loud "CSLA is much greater than LINQ-To-SQL because .... " ...
And which way to choose?
After some experiments and tests this project was founded. I put this two to work as a whole.CSLA for infrastructure(like Remoting or WCF), business rules, UI databinding and so on ... and DLINQ for "no-need-SP" data access layer.
If someone wants to be involved - let's discuss and talk.


Visual Studio 2008 with SP1
Microsoft .Net 3.5 with SP1

for running sample application
  • SQL Express (with User Instances enabled)



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